Hypnothérapie & Mind Coaching


I am still hesitating or am a little afraid.. .

Be reassured, it is absolutely fine! Before making any decision, especially when it comes to your health or well-being, it is important to do some research. This way, you know where you’re going and what you can expect. 

Even though hypnosis has been around for a very long time (article coming), it still suffers from a few very common misconceptions that can scare people away. I go deeper into “debunking” the most common misconceptions (article coming), but let’s clarify a few important points right now:

Hypnosis will NOT make you lose control over yourself. You WON’T be forced to do anything against your will (and it wouldn’t be possible anyway, since your subconscious mind will act only in your best interest and for your protection).

Hypnosis IS a natural state. It is NOT magical or mystical or unnatural. Actually, the ASC (altered state of consciousness) occurs multiple times a day, for everyone. For example, it occurs when you’re lost in your thoughts, when you’re deeply absorbed in a book or a movie, or even when you’re working out and you become completely absorbed in the experience, in a trance-like state.

You CANNOT get “stuck” into a hypnotic state. You will always “wake up”, the notion of “getting stuck” in a hypnotic state is a myth. Hypnosis puts you in a state that is between being fully awake and conscious (= your normal active state) and your sleeping (= unconscious) state. The hypnotic state will automatically disappear after 20 minutes (+/- 5 minutes), and you will either be fully awake and alert, or enjoy a nice, restful sleep.

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